Study highlights importance of natural mentors across ethnic groups

“The Role of Important Non-Parental Adults (VIPs) in the Lives of Older Adolescents: A Comparison of Three Ethnic Groups” (PDF, 201.56 KB), Journal of Youth and Adolescence, Volume 40, Number 3, March 2011. From Family and Youth Service Bureau  What it’s about: The authors surveyed a group of Hispanic, Asian-American and white adolescents, ages 17 […]

Programs that help teens and young adults succeed

Editor’s note: In recent days, YouthBuild has been getting some very nice press. The “second chance” program, which is based in Boston, has over 250 programs across nearly 46 states serving older adolescents and young adults across the country. In this piece, Professor David Kirp describes YouthBuild and other programs that are making a difference.  […]

Fresh Starts for Hard-to-Like Students (or Mentees)

Dr. Allen Mendler, reposted from Even though your toughest students are just kids at the mercy of emotions they don’t understand or can’t control, it can be hard for a teacher [or mentor] to stay calm and not take these ongoing behavioral problems personally. My advice: it’s time to hit the reset button! Tough […]

William T. Grant Foundation Launches Initiative on Understanding Inequality

In recent years, inequality in the United States has become increasingly pervasive. At the same time,  social mobility has decreased. The William T. Grant Foundation believes  the research community can play a critical role in reversing these trends. To that end, the foundation, which seeks to improve the lives of youth between the ages 5 and […]

In Robert Putnam’s new book he explores: When Did Poor Kids Stop Being ‘Our Kids’?

  Editor’s Note: In Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis, Robert D. Putnam, a Harvard University public policy professor  explains how growing class differences are have given rise to dramatically unequal opportunities for our nation’s youth. Putnam describes how, in his hometown, families from different economic circumstances attended the same schools, played on the same teams, and provided a […]

Making a Difference With Youth Mentors

By NANCY H. TILGHMAN Published: April 18, 2004 in the New York Times TAQUIOYA CAUSEY is 16 years old and has lived in at least 12 foster homes. She said that she couldn’t remember her father’s voice, and that her mother, a substance abuser, abandoned Taquioya and her older brother Kevin in Westbury six years […]

Closing Education Gap Will Lift Economy, a Study Finds

From New York Times Study after study has shown a yawning educational achievement gap between the poorest and wealthiest children in America. But what does this gap costs in terms of lost economic growth and tax revenue? That’s what researchers at the Washington Center for Equitable Growth set out to discover in a new study […]

More Than Black and Brown Faces: Diversity in Mentoring

By Marty Martinez As we celebrate and raise awareness of Black History Month, it is important for the mentoring movement to take stock of our efforts to be inclusive and accessible to all communities. As practitioners, we hear time and time again that mentoring programs and youth development organizations need more volunteer mentors of color. […]

Intersecting Inequalities: Research to Reduce Inequality for Immigrant-Origin Children and Youth

(from WT Grant Foundation) As the proportion of our nation’s children of immigrant origins increases, new research is essential to understand and intervene in shifting patterns of disparity. Over 40 million (approximately 12.5 percent) of people residing in this country are foreign born, and 25 percent of children under the age of 18, a total […]

Discrimination-Related Stress Affects Mental Health of Latino Teens, Particularly Those Born in the United States to Immigrant Parent

Sirin, S.R., Rogers-Sirein, L., Cressen, J., Gupta, T. Ahmed, S.F., and Novaoa (2015). Discrimination-Related Stress Affects Mental Health of Latino Teens, Particularly Those Born in the United States to Immigrant Parents. Child Development. Latinos are the largest and fastest-growing ethnic minority in the United States, comprising 15 percent of the total U.S. population, one third […]