The Impact of a Campus-Based Therapeutic Mentoring Program

Reference: Rempe, G., Saltis, M., Matheson, D., & Cople, S. (2023). Norm-Referenced Effects of a Campus-Based Therapeutic Mentoring Program. Journal of Youth Development, 18(2), 3. Summarized by: Ellen Parry Luff About the Study In the past decade, the use of mentoring programs in the United States has surged, aiming to foster positive relationships between adults […]

New study explores the reciprocal benefits of therapeutic mentoring

Deane, K. L., Bullen, P., Williamson‐Dean, R., & Wilder, K. (2023). The benefits of participating in a culturally translated youth mentoring program and service‐learning experience for Aotearoa New Zealand mentors. Journal of Community Psychology.  Summarized by Saniya Soni About this Study While a large portion of youth mentoring research focuses mainly on the outcomes for […]