New study highligts benefits of connecting with youth through technology

by Tim Shea, Charlottesville Tomorrow While some family members and educators fear the potential dangers that can come with teens navigating the digital world, one researcher has found that the proliferation of personal devices in the hands of teens might not be so bad. On Friday, Candice Odgers, director of the Center for Child and […]

What Might Evidence-based Policy 2.0 Look Like?

By Vivian Tseng I’ve been reading about the evolution of the internet lately, and it has me thinking about what the next generation of evidence-based policy might look like. *** Like others, my holiday shopping experience has been transformed. Back in the day, I had to fight my way through crowded stores and dig through […]

FORUM: Can e-mentoring really support youth with significant needs?

With the explosion in the last decade of social media, virtual relationships, and online communities, it seems that e-mentoring is poised to become an increasingly popular option for serving youth. Many practitioners are wondering if electronic communications can be used to enhance the mentoring experience—or perhaps replace the in-person component entirely. But what can e-mentoring […]

Program Corner: Enhancing Your Ability to Train Mentors through Technology

  In this post, I have asked Butch Schuck and Amy Steinhilber to comment on how technology has enhanced mentor training in the National Guard Youth Challenge Program (  Butch Schuck serves as the Deputy Program Director for the National Challenge Institute – the training arm for the Youth Challenge program.  Amy Steinhilber is the […]