A novel mental health service-delivery framework: Integrating multi-tiered systems of support and community-based mentoring programs

Hart, M. J., Flitner, A. M., Kornbluh, M. E., Thompson, D. C., Davis, A. L., Lanza-Gregory, J., McQuillin, S. D., Gonzalez, J. E., & Strait, G. G. (2021). Combining MTSS and Community-Based Mentoring Programs. School Psychology Review. Summarized by Ariel Ervin Notes of Interest:  Although American schools offer mental health services for youths, they are limited […]

Paraprofessional Youth Mentoring: New framework proposes the integration of youth mentoring and mental health services

McQuillin, S. D., Hagler, M. A., Werntz, A., & Rhodes, J. E. (2021). Paraprofessional Youth Mentoring: A Framework for Integrating Youth Mentoring with Helping Institutions and Professions. American Journal of Community Psychology. Summarized by Ariel Ervin Notes of Interest:  Although a lot of progress has been made to lower the levels of youth mental health and behavioral […]

New research on Just-in-Time Training and Task Shifting

McQuillin, S., Lyons, M., Becker, K., Hart, M., Cohen, K. (2019) Strengthening and expanding child services in low resource communities: The role of task-shifting and just-in-time training. American Journal of Community Psychology. doi:10.1002/ajcp.12314 Highlights: Task–shifting refers to redistributing tasks from professionals to workers who have less training. Task–shifting may be a key strategy in expanding child services in low resource […]