Apprenticeships for youth now have national momentum (Part 1)

By Ray Glier,

Da’Sean Harrison, 22, has ambitions to be a general contractor, a master of all trades. Now working on a construction job in the Seattle area, he marvels over the skills of one worker he and his … Read the rest

APA’s new survey on stress and technology use has implications for mentoring

Written by Justin Preston

Last week the American Psychological Association (APA) released the second part of their findings from their 1oth annual Stress in America survey. While the first part of the findings dealt with changing national politics, the economy, … Read the rest

It’s that time of year: 5 self-care tips for navigating holiday stress

snowman-1449142_1280Written by the American Psychological Association

With the holiday season getting underway and the decorations coming out, it is important to remember that the holidays have the potential to create additional … Read the rest

Youth anxiety: What to say when your mentee is anxious

silhouette-1082129_1280Written by Carey Wallace,

Today’s kids are more worried than any kids in recent history. According to some long-term surveys of mental-health literature, the average kid today is more anxious than people who were hospitalized for anxiety in Read the rest

Coping with stress? Start with a smile: How smiling promotes stress recovery

smile-1188654_1280From the Association for Psychological Science


Just grin and bear it! At some point, we have all probably heard or thought something like this when facing a tough situation. But is there any truth to this piece of advice? Feeling … Read the rest

Three things mentors can do to help their mentees cope with stress

dandelion-1135056_1280By Katie Hurley, the Washington Post

A young girl sits in my office, describing the “swishy” feeling that she gets in her stomach when she’s at school. It tends to happen at … Read the rest

Why a little loneliness can be protective


“Loneliness is something we all have, we can all fall into, and nearly all of us experience at some point in our lives,” says John Cacioppo. (Photo Credit: Phil Thomas/Flickr)

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Teens in military families: Two scholars explain the complexities

 Mallory Lucier-Greer, PhD, LMFT
Assistant Professor
Department of Family and Child Sciences, Florida State University

 Haltiwanger Distinguished Professor
Department of Human Development and

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How support helps buffer the harmful effects of stress on children

Camelia E. Hostinar, Ph.D. (Northwestern University and University of California, Davis)

Research is me-search, psychologists often say, referring to the fact that their research ideas are often inspired by

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The other side of incarceration: What happens to children left behind?

By Kelsey Warner (Christian Science Monitor)

One in 14 American children have experienced a parent serving time, according to a new study by Child Trends. For black children, the rate is even higher – one in nine.


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