It’s that time of year: 5 self-care tips for navigating holiday stress

snowman-1449142_1280Written by the American Psychological Association

With the holiday season getting underway and the decorations coming out, it is important to remember that the holidays have the potential to create additional … Read the rest

Three things mentors can do to help their mentees cope with stress

dandelion-1135056_1280By Katie Hurley, the Washington Post

A young girl sits in my office, describing the “swishy” feeling that she gets in her stomach when she’s at school. It tends to happen at … Read the rest

What is toxic stress and why does it matter for youth mentoring programs


By Venessa Marks and Julie Novak

This blog is part of a three-post series on toxic stress.

The first post explains what toxic stress is and why it matters for youth mentoring programs, the second highlights what professional staff Read the rest