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call for Postdoctoral Educational Research Associate position at Stanford University

Call for Applications: Postdoctoral Educational Research Associate Stanford University Learning Experience Design and Development (LX) Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning We seek applicants who are passionate about university-level teaching and learning, and who have an interest in helping develop innovative resources to promote exceptional experiences for students and faculty. The postdoctoral associate is an […]

Talking about social class eases achievement gap: Implications for mentoring

Posted by Clifton B. Parker-Stanford New research finds that talking about social class helps first-generation college students reduce the social-class achievement gap by as much as 63 percent. Using a “difference-education” approach, these students had higher grade-point averages and took better advantage of college resources than peers who didn’t participate in the discussion. Research has shown […]

Meet Carol S. Dweck, whose research has implications for mentoring for STEM

Carol S. Dweck, a psychologist at Stanford University, has done extensive research on why women tend to avoid careers in math and science. Her work has shown that women and girls who think that science and math ability are innate tend to perform worse and have less interest in those fields than females who believe […]

Stanford University study shows that lower achieving students are assigned less experienced teachers

Rachel OBrien-Stanford STANFORD (US) — A study of a major urban school district reveals that high-achieving students tend to get the best teachers, leaving others to less experienced instructors. Even within the same school, lower-achieving students often are taught by less-experienced teachers, as well as by teachers who received their degrees from less-competitive colleges, according […]

Mentoring: Unlocking Young People’s Potential

by Dan Cardinali, President, Communities in Schools, Inc. reprinted from Huffington Post What do you think about IQ? Is it something that’s essentially unchangeable, or something we can continue to grow and develop as time goes on? Recently, author Paul Tough asked that question during a keynote address at Communities In Schools’ 2014 Leadership Town […]

Why matching on shared interest matters!

Posted by Adam Gorlick-Stanford Simply sharing a love for something—a favorite band or book—is enough to make you care about  someone you’ve just met. In a set of experiments, researchers found that when two people share just a few things in common, one can take on the feelings and physical reactions of the other who […]