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Schools prize standardized tests over student growth

By Marcene Robinson, Futurity Personal growth and job skills have taken a backseat to an increased focus on standardized tests in schools across the United States, according to new research. The study, which analyzed the educational goals of principals at thousands of public, private, and charter schools over two decades, found the shift in priorities is most […]

In Robert Putnam’s new book he explores: When Did Poor Kids Stop Being ‘Our Kids’?

  Editor’s Note: In Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis, Robert D. Putnam, a Harvard University public policy professor  explains how growing class differences are have given rise to dramatically unequal opportunities for our nation’s youth. Putnam describes how, in his hometown, families from different economic circumstances attended the same schools, played on the same teams, and provided a […]

An evidence-based approach to raising academic success

Young men of color’s math scores lag far behind young white men, and they are at high risk for dropout. Indeed, only about 60%  graduate from high school in four years, compared with 79 percent of young white men. In this week’s New York Times, an article by David Kirp provides encouraging data to suggest that there’s an […]