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Exploring the college transitional stories of first-generation college students engaged in division III athletics

Zlotkowski, L. (2023). The unique challenges and demands of first-generation college students who participate in division III athletics. Journal of First-Generation Student Success. https://doi.org/10.1080/26906015.2023.2222050 Summarized by Ariel Ervin Notes of Interest: First-generation college students face more challenges than their peers in navigating college. Because student-athletes need to maintain their athleticism and academics to succeed, it’s imperative to […]

Rich-poor divide in high school sports

Data reveal inequality that threatens American Dream BRUCE MOHL and  HARI PATEL (Commonwealth Journal) EACH YEAR, the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association compiles athletic participation data from public, charter, and parochial high schools across the state. In nine out of the past 10 years, the publicized narrative about the data has been the same: that athletic participation […]

A one-two combo: Mentoring and boxing guiding the next generation

by Michael Minahan, Washington Post About a year after he got out of Jessup [Correctional Institution], Manigan walked into a gym set up at the former Gibbs School off Benning Road. There, he spotted Ragahleak “Peanut” Bartee, 9 years old, in the corner wrapping his hands. “I just looked at him, and I said, ‘There’s […]

Bill Russell: We are nothing without our mentors

Bill Russell, Special for USA TODAY Sports12:30 a.m. EST January 21, 2016 (Photo: AP) If not for George Powles, I would have never played basketball. A mentor who changed my life. Who was George Powles? The year was 1949 and I was a sophomore at McClymonds High School in Oakland. Back then, freshman couldn’t try […]

For women, a gender gap persists on youth coaching sidelines

BY KARA YORIO, staff writer North Jersey News When Diana Murphy walked into a Clifton gym a couple of years ago ready to coach basketball with a team of first- and second-grade boys and girls, the men already on the courts told her, “The girls play in the other gym.” Murphy responded with a stunned, […]

How sports participation can foster leadership and success

“Homeroom” The Official blog of the U.S. Department of Education Recently, ED [the Department of Education] invited student athletes from Urban Squash to speak about how they can use sports for leadership development and academic success. The organization is a youth development program that combines the sport of squash with academics, mentoring, community service, and […]

Big Ten Conference Joins Coaches’ Mentoring Challenge

The Big Ten Conference is joining MENTOR to launch this year’s Coaches’ Mentoring Challenge, an effort to connect young people with caring adult mentors. The Coaches’ Mentoring Challenge is an annual campaign to connect more youths to mentors that began with coach Tom Osborne at the University of Nebraska and coach Bill Snyder at Kansas […]

Shaquille O’Neil pays tribute to “the reason I have become the man I am”

To My brother’s keeper, Uncle Mike by Shaquille O’Neil There are some people that we are just meant to experience life with. When those people happen to be in your family, the world can seem a lot less scary. With these mentors in our corner, we are raised with the determination and confidence to realize […]