Creating a culture of belonging: New study shows how mentors help reduce rejection sensitivity

by Jean E Rhodes In his excellent new book, “Helping Children Succeed,” author Paul Tough notes that a caring connection is a prerequisite for learning. Teachers who create warm, empathic classroom environments can, as David Brooks, recently noted in his discussion of the book, “guide [students] back toward calmness,…teachers who motivate their students to show up […]

New study highlights the top 3 reasons for long waitlists in mentoring programs

DeWitt, D. J., Lipman, E. L., Da Costa, J., Graham, K., Larose, S., Pepler, D., Coyle, J., DuBois, D., Manzano-Munguia, M, & Ferro, A. (2016). Predictors of early versus late match relationship beginnings in Big Brothers Big Sisters community programs. Children and Youth Services Review. doi: 10.1016/j.childyouth.2016.01.004 Summarized by Jessica Cunningham, UMB Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring From the Abstract […]

Social 20-year-olds are more satisfied at 50

Posted by Monique Patenaude-U. Rochester on July 24, 2015 The quantity of social interactions a person has at 20—and the quality of social relationships that person has at age 30—may increase well-being later in life and perhaps help people live longer. “In fact,” says Cheryl Carmichael, the study’s lead author, who conducted the research as a […]