How shared experiences between mentors and protégés encourage perspective-taking among protégés

Varghese, L., & Finkelstein, L. (2021). An investigation of self-efficacy crossover between mentors and protégés within mentoring dyads: Mentoring and self-efficacy. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 1483(1), 80-97. Summarized by Ariel Ervin Notes of Interest: Mentoring can help promote a wide variety of positive outcomes in the workplace, whether it’s receiving a […]

Why matching on shared interest matters!

Posted by Adam Gorlick-Stanford Simply sharing a love for something—a favorite band or book—is enough to make you care about  someone you’ve just met. In a set of experiments, researchers found that when two people share just a few things in common, one can take on the feelings and physical reactions of the other who […]

Short new animated film describes “connected learning”

  Connected Learning: Relevance, the 4th R Here is a new video that explains MacArthur Foundation’s Connected Learning initiative. Connected Learning happens is when youth are pursuing expertise around something they care deeply about, and they are supported by friends & institutions who share this common passion that is tuned to the demands and opportunities […]