Better Later Than Never: Meaning in Late Life

Pachana, Nancy A., and Baumeister, R.F. (2021). Better Later Than Never: Meaning in Late Life. Frontiers in Psychology 12, 1-4. The quest for meaning in life takes on new challenges and directions during late life. This mini-review draws on prior theory to analyze meaningfulness into six discrete dimensions (purpose, value, efficacy, self-worth, mattering, and […]

Promoting a sense of purpose and meaning through natural mentoring

White, A.E., Lincoln, B., Liang, B., Sepulveda, J., Matyjaszczyk, V., Kupersmith, C, Hill, N.E.,  & Perella, J. (2020). “My Mentor Thinks That I can Be Someone Amazing”: Drawing Out  Youths’ Passions and Purpose. Journal of Adolescent Research, 1 – 26.  Summarized by Ariel Ervin Notes of Interest:  Although young people have more career paths to […]