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A funny thing happened on the way to the Summit

by Jean Rhodes Senator Al Franken addressed a gathering at the Library of Congress last week and shared some good news and a funny story. First the good news. Senator Franken (D, MN) assured the crowd that we will soon see the passage of The Child Protection Improvements Act (CPIA), which will enable all programs to access […]

Pressure Congress to pass the child protection improvement act

by Jean Rhodes Although the vast majority of volunteers are well intended, harmful adults sometimes slip through. Programs have taken steps to conduct background checks but, for the most part, these efforts have been inconsistent. Only about half of U.S. States provide youth-serving organizations access to FBI fingerprinting and, amongst those that do, two-thirds allow only […]

Why we need to pressure Congress to pass the Child Protection Improvements Act

A volunteer mentor from Odessa, Texas was arrested in July for inappropriate sexual contact with his 15-year-old mentee. What started as a flirtatious text quickly moved to alleged nude photographs and assault. The sad fact is that pedophiles sometimes look to youth-serving organizations as a source of victims. Yet three years after the Jerry Sandusky case brought […]

Child Protection Improvements Act: A Much-Needed Safety Net - The Chronicle of Evidence-Based Mentoring

A Much Needed Safety Net

Programs that serve our nation’s children strike deep emotional chords and often attract powerful constituents. Since many administrators and policy makers are working under the tacit assumption that youth development programs are universally beneficial to youth (an assumption that has been countered in the research literature), they often put their donations into launching new initiatives […]