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NY Times: Digital media upends the mentoring relationship for one editor

Written by Phyllis Korkki, NYTimes How on earth did I become an “older worker?” It was only a few years ago, it seems, that I set out to climb the ladder in my chosen field. That field happens to be journalism, but it shares many attributes with countless other workplaces. For instance, back when I […]

The Misery of Mentoring Millennials in the Workplace

“For a new generation of workers, the idea of seeking out a single career confidant is as old-fashioned as a three-martini lunch…” By Marina Khidekel  http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2013-03-14/the-misery-of-mentoring-millennials When Christina Wallace, then 25, started a job at a management consulting firm in 2009, she was assigned two mentors: one, a career counselor; the other, an office-culture guru. “It […]