Does your program serve military-connected youth? If so, researchers need your help!

Does your program serve military-connected youth – those with a parent in the military, National Guard, or Reserve? If so, we need your help in conducting a survey of mentoring program practices. A team of researchers (see below) is developing a model by which schools can provide supportive, school-based mentoring to military-connected students in the elementary school […]

Mentoring in the Digital Age: A survey and guidelines

Download the full paper here! Last year, the Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring hosted a pre-summit short course on Mentoring in the Digital Age. The short course was packed with thoughtful presentations by leading scholars and lively discussions about the impact of social media on mentoring relationships. Post-doctoral fellow Sarah Schwartz unveiled the results of an ambitious, […]

Raising the bar: Levering the science of relationships to improve youth outcomes

by Jean Rhodes  This past week, Mentoring Central and Big Brothers Big Sisters announced an important collaboration that is likely to send ripples throughout the entire mentoring community.  BBBSA will adopt a customized version of Mentoring Central’s online mentor training program for use with up to 100,000 mentoring volunteers. The user-friendly course allows for “on-demand” interactive […]

No longer a drive-by mentor (or how Renee Spencer got me to slow my roll)

Three years ago, Renee Spencer and her colleagues at Boston University published a study exploring what parents think about their child’s mentor. I knew of the article but had not read it carefully. Two months ago, I heard Dr. Spencer talk about this study and had a chance to discuss her findings with other researchers and […]

Renée Spencer

Renée Spencer serves as Editor of the Research from Related Fields column. This column will enable Renee to post and discuss research from the fields of social work, education, psychology, and others as they pertain to the mentor-mentee relationships. As the nation’s leading qualitative researcher in the field of mentoring, Dr. Spencer is well equipped to serve this […]