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What motivates volunteer mentors?

Shier, M. L., Larsen-Halikowski, J., & Gouthro, S. (2020). Characteristics of volunteer motivation to mentor youth. Children and Youth Services Review, 111, 104885. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.childyouth.2020.104885 Summarized by Kirsten Christensen Notes of Interest: Although mentor volunteers are critical in promoting positive youth outcomes, programs often struggle to recruit and retain skilled mentors. This qualitative study examined 22 […]

New research studies reasons for early termination of mentoring relationships

Spencer, R., Basualdo-Delmonico, A., Walsh, J., & Drew, A. (2014). Breaking up is hard to do: A qualitative interview study of how and why youth mentoring relationships end. Youth & Society, 1-23. Summarized by Sam Burton     Introduction Mentoring programs aim to create lasting and meaningful relationships between mentors and youth. However, a significant […]

Ditch the small talk: When being direct with your mentee can be a lifeline in a crisis

Crisis hotlines have been around for years, but until recently there’s been very little data on which counseling strategies seemed most effective at helping people cope. The recent emergence of text-based crisis help lines is changing that. Designed for people who prefer texting to talking, these services generate large datasets of anonymous counseling sessions—raw material […]