Mentor outcomes in a peer-mentoring program

Coyne-Foresi, M., & Nowicki, E. (2020). Building Connections and Relationships at School: Youth Reflect on Mentoring Their Younger Peers. The Journal of Early Adolescence, Summarized by Ariel Ervin Notes of Interest:  We often think of a mentoring relationship as between an adult and a child, but this research examines peer mentoring, youth mentors matched with […]

Rising Star: Meet Dr. Lindsey Weiler

Editors Note: We are pleased to introduce mentoring researcher, Lindsey Weiler. Lindsey is currently working as a postdoctoral fellow under the direction of  Dr. Heather Taussig. In this segment, UMass Boston doctoral student Stella Kanchewa (SK) delves deeper into Lindsey’s (LW’s) work with Mentor Families and more  SK Your research has focused on vulnerable youth […]

Teen mentors: The story from Canada

by Tim Cavell, Ph.D. Last month I had the good fortune of speaking at Canada’s National Mentoring Symposium in beautiful Banff, Alberta. The event was partly a celebration of BBBS-Canada’s 100th anniversary. My talk was about a couple of small studies that involved teen mentors in Canada. The studies were open trials, meaning there was […]