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The Ripple Effect of Youth Mentoring on Family Well-Being

Reference: Erdem, G., DuBois, D. L., Larose, S., De Wit, D. J., & Lipman, E. L. (2023). Associations of Youth Mentoring with Parent Emotional Well-Being and Family Functioning: Longitudinal Findings from a Study of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada. Children and Youth Services Review. Summarized by: Ellen Parry Luff About the Study: While research […]

Nurturing Success: The Power of Caregiver-Mentor Collaboration in Youth Mentoring

Reference: Parnes, M. F., Herrera, C., Keller, T. E., Tanyu, M., Jarjoura, G. R., & Schwartz, S. E. (2023). Formal youth mentoring relationships in the context of risk: What is the role of caregiver–mentor collaboration?. Journal of Community Psychology. Summarized by: Ellen Parry Luff About the Study Caregivers play a pivotal role in shaping and […]