Measuring youth outcomes from a place of strength

By Katy White, Youth Collaboratory For over 100 years, the youth development field has predominantly taken a deficit-based approach to youth services. Addressing this period of “storm and stress” in adolescent development by focusing on the things we want to avoid. That’s how we come to have programs and approaches that are focused on things […]

Teens, social status, health. This image represents someone's subjective placement of social status. Mentoring related.

How a teen’s sense of family status might be connected to their physical health

By Pat Harriman, Futurity An adolescent’s sense of their own family’s social and economic status is closely linked to that teen’s physical and cognitive health, according to a study of British twins. In fact, the adolescent’s perception of status was a more powerful predictor of their well-being and readiness for further education than their family’s […]