From therapy to mentoring: Study provides useful recommendations for reducing premature terminations

Swift, Joshua K.; Greenberg, Roger P.; Whipple, Jason L.; Kominiak, Nina (2012). Practice recommendations for reducing premature termination in therapy. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, Vol 43(4),  379-387. Abstract (from article) “Premature termination from therapy is a significant problem frequently encountered by practicing clinicians of all types. In fact, a recent meta-analytic review (J. K. Swift & […]

How volunteering and charitable giving benefit both young and old

By Terri Yablonsky Stat/Chicago Tribune If there’s a magic pill for happiness and longevity, we may have found it. Countless studies have found that generosity, both volunteering and charitable donations, benefits young and old physically and psychologically. The benefits of giving are significant, according to those studies: lower blood pressure, lower risk of dementia, less […]

The Long-Term Economic Benefits of Natural Mentoring Relationships for Youth

 Timpe, Z. & Lunkenheimer, E. (2015) American Journal of Community Psychology. Sep2015, Vol. 56 Issue 1/2, p12-24. 13p. 3 Charts. DOI: 10.1007/s10464-015-9735-x from the abstract: Natural mentors have been shown to help improve psychological and educational outcomes of youth, and may serve an important role for youth experiencing risk in the home. Using data from […]

It’s all about me! How narcissism affects mentoring relationships

Allen, T. D., Johnson, H., Rodopman, O. B., Ottinot, R. C., & Biga, A. (2009). Mentoring and protégé narcissistic entitlement. Journal of Career Development, 35, 385-405 Problem There has been relatively little research incorporating personality into the study of mentoring. Yet because personality characteristics influence individual behavior, as well as interpersonal interactions, they likely play a role in […]

Promising pilot test of the Healthy “Little” Lives Big Sisters Mentors Project

MICHELLE R. KAUFMAN, PhD Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, USA Kaufman, Michelle R.(2010) ‘Testing of the Healthy “Little” Lives Project: A Training Program for Big Sister Mentors’, American Journal of Sexuality Education, 5: 4, 305 — 327 American Journal of Sexuality Education Abstract:  Big Brothers/Big Sisters (BBBS) is a national program aimed at providing mentors for […]

New study explores how personalities affect mentoring relationships

By Limor Goldner Goldner, L. (2015). Prote ge´s’ Personality Traits, Expectations, the Quality of the Mentoring Relationship and Adjustment: A Big Five Analysis, Child Youth Care Forum. Online 26 May. Abstract Background   Community-based mentoring interventions can benefit high-risk youth.  However, meta-analyses suggest that these benefits may be conditioned by protégés’ personality. Objectives   Associations between protégés’ […]