It Takes a Mentor

 Thomas L. Friedman, posted in the New York Times With millions of students returning to school — both K-12 and college — this is a good time to review the intriguing results of some research that Gallup did over the past year, exploring the linkages between education and long-term success in the workplace. That is: […]

How mentors can help youth build satisfying, fulfilling lives - Chronicle of Evidence-Based Mentoring

The importance of natural mentors for emerging adults

Hurd, N.M., Stoddard, S.A., Bauermeister, J.A., & Zimmerman, M.A.. (2014). Natural mentors, mental health, and substance use: Exploring pathways via coping and purpose. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 84 (2), 190-200. Introduction: Emerging adulthood is a period from about 18 to 25, in which individuals are no longer dependent on their caregivers as they were in childhood and adolescence, […]

Why relationships matter

 In “The Heart Grows Smarter,”  David Brooks discussed the importance of caring relationships, and cited the classic work of George Vaillant who followed a cohort of Harvard men for many years. As Brooks notes, “It’s not that the men who flourished had perfect childhoods. Rather, as Vaillant puts it, “What goes right is more important […]

College admissions and the “rich, inexpressible joy” of mentoring

by Jean Rhodes In Jon Katz’s book Geeks, he chronicles the ascension of two somewhat adrift boys into IT-related jobs and postsecondary education. Through the process of writing the book, Katz’s relationship with one of the boys, Jesse, deepened into a close bond. As Katz describes: “When we first met, I could see that he […]

Everyone needs a beta! Mentoring relationships in the fan fiction community

by Sarah Schwartz As a part of the MacArthur Research Network on Connected Learning, I have been experiencing a steep learning curve when it comes to the potential of utilizing new technology and web-based platforms to facilitate learning and connection (as a psychologist, my focus has been primarily on face-to-face relationships). Recently I have been […]

Intensive Small-Group Tutoring and Counseling Helps Struggling Students

 Editors Note: This is a very encouraging study, summarized in the New York Times, about the power of tutors and mentors to help struggling students. CHICAGO — By the time they reach eighth grade, according to federal tests, half of all African-American schoolboys have not mastered the most basic math skills that educators consider essential […]

FORUM: Should we be devoting more time and resources to “natural” mentoring?

There has been a lot of research in recent years examining the role that “natural” mentors play in supporting children and adolescents, highlighting the ways in which these supportive adults help youth develop identity, succeed in school, overcome racism and other substantial challenges, and learn to ask for help throughout their lives. Researchers such as […]

Practice Corner: What is the role of natural mentoring?

by Marty Martinez   As an advocate for quality-based mentoring that includes evidence based practices and strategies, I continue to be faced with the question of what role does informal mentoring or natural mentoring relationships have at our table. Time and time again, programs are faced with the need to recruit more caring adults to […]