Encouraging results: A sneak preview of a new meta-analysis on natural mentoring

Levi Van Dam, L., Wildschut, B., Smit, D., Branje, S., Rhodes, J., Assink, M., Stams, G. J., (in press). Does natural mentoring matter? A multilevel meta-analysis on the association between natural mentoring and youth outcomes. American Journal of Community Psychology. By Levi Van Dam and Jean Rhodes Natural mentoring relationships are far more common than those […]

LA Johnson/NPR

How The Barber, And Other Caring Adults, Help Kids Succeed

Anya Kamenetz, nprED In a working-class city in southeast Michigan there’s a barbershop where kids get a $2 discount for reading a book aloud to their barber. “Any help these kids can get with reading and … comprehension is a big thing,” said Ryan Griffin, the veteran barber who instituted the program. “You know, maybe someday […]

The critical ingredient of youth programs –natural mentors

Schwartz, S. E. O., Chan, C. S., Rhodes, J. E. & Scales, P. C. (2013). Community developmental assets and positive youth development: The role of natural mentors. Research in Human Development, 10(2), 141-162. Summarized by Jessica Cunningham, B.A. Lab Manager, Center of Evidence-Based Mentoring Introduction: Ironically enough, many people who would fit the definition of […]