ArtSmart investigates the effectiveness of a school-based arts mentorship intervention on students’ learning outcomes

By ArtSmart Overview: ArtSmart launched the two-year study, led by Evan Linett and reviewed by WCG Institutional Review Board. The value of arts education for youth is often self-evident to advocates and practitioners. However, finding empirical evidence to support such claims is limited, and can be costly for organizations like ArtSmart, a 501(c)3 non-profit that […]

Can after-school music-based mentoring programs improve academic outcomes for low-income students?

Holbrook, H. M., Martin, M., Glik, D., Hudziak, J. J., Copeland, W. E., Lund, C., & Fender, J. G. (2022). Music-based mentoring and academic improvement in high-poverty elementary schools. Journal of Youth Development, 17(1), 33–53. Summarized by Ariel Ervin Notes of Interest: The achievement gap between low-socioeconomic status (low-SES) students and their higher SES […]

JAY Z’s 4:44 is a Mentoring Album and Here is Why

JAY Z’s 4:44 is a Mentoring Album and Here is Why By Torrie Weiston, Ph.D. Yeah, I said it, 4:44 is a mentoring album and here is why… It does not take very long into the album before listeners realize that there is a maturity in JAY Z’s tone. His raw talent and ability to […]

Literature, music, and an earnest mentor make the difference

The First Time an Adult Took Me Seriously By WILL SHEFF, originally posted in the New York Times I grew up on the grounds of a New Hampshire prep school where both my parents taught. It was my whole universe. I ate every dinner in the school cafeteria. I knew the secret passages, the hidden […]