The power of the pause: Helping your child learn about mindfulness in this stressful time

By Frank Sileo, Magination Press Family Families all over the world are experiencing increased stress and anxiety. As we all practice social distancing, our daily routines have been disrupted. While this is stressful, it also provides an opportunity to slow down, to pause, and learn new coping strategies. The post below explores the power of […]

Mindfulness apps with acceptance training can reduce stress

By SHILO REA, Futurity Mindfulness meditation apps can reduce the body’s response to biological stress, new research suggests. Acceptance, or learning how to be open and accepting of the way things are in each moment, is particularly important for impacting stress biology and benefitting from the training’s stress reduction effects, the researchers found. The research […]

‘Mindfulness’ training improves self-control for incarcerated male adolescents

By Christopher James, Futurity A meditation-based therapy known as ‘mindfulness’ training can improve attention skills in incarcerated youth and increase self-control over emotions and actions, research shows. The recent study is the first to show that mindfulness training can be used in combination with cognitive behavioral therapy to protect attentional functioning in high-risk incarcerated youth. […]

New research investigates the benefits of mindfulness for college mentors

Editor’s Note: Mentor training is a key piece of many mentoring programs. Mentor-centric skills are an area that is less-studied than the ways in which mentors can relate to their mentees, foster quality relationships, and so on. This study takes some initial steps in the process of finding ways that mindfulness-based practices may be able […]

Mindfulness can make mentees more receptive to health advice

Posted by Ashton Yount on When you hear health messages—such as quit smoking or get more exercise—do you feel motivated or ashamed? A new study suggests how we react may depend on how mindful we are. According to Yoona Kang, a postdoctoral fellow at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania, […]

Upcoming webinar on Mindfulness

Sea Change Mentoring is hosting a webinar on Mindfulness designed just for international, expat and third culture kids (and the adults that care for them). We are fortunate enough to have two guest speakers based out of The Netherlands (Psychologists Kate Berger and Debby Poort) who will lead a useful and insightful session.  Mindfulness is a method of […]