New study on mentoring immigrant teachers

Mercado, G., & Trumbull, E. (2018). Mentoring beginning immigrant teachers: How culture may impact the message. International Journal of Psychology. doi:10.1002/ijop.12555 Summarized by Rachel Thompson  Notes of Interest: This article highlights the importance of mentoring immigrant teachers, especially in retaining new teachers and improving their practice. Furthermore, it can positively impact student achievement. The researchers discuss […]

New research takes an ecological perspective of mentor satisfaction

Suffrin, R., Todd, N. & Sanchez, B. (2016). An ecological perspective of mentor satisfaction with their youth mentoring relationships. Journal of Community Psychology, 44(5), 553-568. DOI: 10.1002/jcop.21785 Summarized by Justin Preston Introduction Previous mentoring research has shown that youth mentoring can serve as an important intervention for promoting positive youth outcomes across a variety of […]