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Can mentors guide digital mental health intervention users?: Systematic review has answers

Reference: Leung, C., Pei, J., Hudec, K., Shams, F., Munthali, R., & Vigo, D. (2022). The effects of nonclinician guidance on effectiveness and process outcomes in digital mental health interventions: systematic review and meta-analysis. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 24(6), e36004. Summarized By: Jordan Cherry About the Study Digital mental health interventions (DMHIs) are becoming […]

On Methods: What’s a meta-analysis, anyways?

  by Adar Ben-Eliyahu, Assistant Professor, University of Haifa There is often considerable fanfare when a new meta-analysis is published. What’s the excitement about anyways? Don’t most meta-analyses seem to be saying things we already know from previous research? This is somewhat true, as meta-analyses summarize previous research findings. However, in contrast to a review, […]

Are youth mentoring programs effective? New analysis sheds light

By Elizabeth Raposa and Jean Rhodes, Youth Today Are boys more responsive to mentoring than girls? The findings are mixed, though recent studies seem to suggest that boys may derive additional benefits. Does mentoring move the needle more for certain outcomes (e.g., depression, behavior, academics)? Again, findings are mixed, with the most recent comprehensive meta-analysis showing very few differential […]

Meta-analysis underscores importance of perceived similarity in mentoring

Eby, .L.T. et al. An interdisciplinary meta-analysis of the potential antecedents, correlates and consequences of protégé perceptions of mentoring. Psychological Bulletin. Advanced online publication. Summarized by Stella Kanchewa Overview: In this meta-analytic study, Lillian Eby and colleagues focused on variations in the mentees’ perceptions of relationship quality and types of support they received from their […]

A conversation with UVA Professor Patrick Tolan

  Editor’s Note: We are honored to feature University of Virginia’s Professor Patrick Tolan.  Professor Tolan is an internationally recognized authority on youth violence and prevention. He is author or co-author of more than 160 books, monographs, chapters, articles and technical reports on topics related to children’s mental health, prevention and intervention, and the development of urban children and families. […]