A Contemporary Meta-Analysis: The Impact of Universal School-Based SEL Interventions

Reference: Cipriano, C., Strambler, M. J., Naples, L. H., Ha, C., Kirk, M., Wood, M., Sehgal, K., Zieher, A. K., Eveleigh, A., McCarthy, M., Funaro, M., Ponnock, A., Chow, J. C., & Durlak, J. (2023). The state of evidence for social and emotional learning: A contemporary meta-analysis of universal school-based SEL interventions. Child Development, 94(5), […]

Are youth mentoring programs effective? New analysis sheds light

By Elizabeth Raposa and Jean Rhodes, Youth Today Are boys more responsive to mentoring than girls? The findings are mixed, though recent studies seem to suggest that boys may derive additional benefits. Does mentoring move the needle more for certain outcomes (e.g., depression, behavior, academics)? Again, findings are mixed, with the most recent comprehensive meta-analysis showing very few differential […]