Mentorship, Social Justice, and Paying It Forward: A Conversation With YO Ambassador Yessica

By Kelsea Johnson, International Youth Foundation Youth Opportunity Ambassador Yessica Pineda values mentorship because of the positive impact it’s had on her life. “One of the biggest challenges for me initially going into college was being a first-generation student. As much as my parents wanted to help me, there were barriers. I was lucky enough […]

The Best Mentorships Help Both People Grow

By David Nour, Harvard Business Review Summary. A transformational mentorship is a relationship that offers something powerful to both the mentee and the mentor. As a mentee, the trick to fully engaging your mentor lies in finding the right person: someone with whom you can build a relaxed, inspiring camaraderie, driven by curiosity as opposed […]

For Native Education, Community Is the Answer

By Kameryn Point (AYPF Policy & Programs Associate), American Youth Policy Forum While tribal communities and cultures vary greatly, many Indigenous youth experience significant difficulties and hardships throughout the United States. These challenges can be directly traced to the impact of colonization on tribal communities such as what Indigenous youth experienced in the boarding school […]

[Webinar] Critical Youth Mentorship: A Youth Work Teach-In

Date: ​​Mon, January 31, 2022, 11:00 AM – 3:30 PM EST Join MENTOR Canada and YouthREX in celebration of National Mentoring Month by attending two keynote panels and discussions regarding critical youth mentorship. In part 1 (11 AM to 12:30 PM ET), Dr. Jean Rhodes will reflect on the past and future of the mentoring […]

Start From The Beginning: How To Prepare Early On To Have A Successful Mentor Relationship

By Esther Weinberg, Forbes The one thing you need to know before starting any mentoring relationship is how to prepare to actually start it. You may think mentoring is simply two people chatting over coffee but it’s not. Before we talk about where to begin, let’s discuss why mentoring is one of the most important […]