Mentors make the difference

High-achieving DACA recipients had help along the way from families and communities

After studying Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) recipients for seven years, Harvard Graduate School of Education Professor Roberto Gonzales has seen, through their eyes, all the good … Read the rest

These connections are currency; some young people need our help to form them

By Stephanie Malia Krauss,

The other day I attended a diversity training at work. The facilitator talked about who and how we hire. She said something that really stuck with me: You get hired based on who you know; … Read the rest

New study on benefits of peer mentoring in chronic care

Williams, E. M., Hyer, J. M., Viswanathan, R., Faith, T. D., Voronca, D., Gebregzaibher, M., … & Egede, L. (2018). Peer‐to‐Peer Mentoring for African American Women With Lupus: A Feasibility Pilot. Arthritis care & research70(6), 908-917. doi:10.1002/acr.23412… Read the rest

Reclaim elders as leaders and mentors

By Raymond A. Jetson, Chief executive catalyst at MetroMorphosis and a Public Voices Fellow; The Advocate

In September, Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome and Chief Murphy Paul announced a plan to establish an advisory council to the chief, “to advise and … Read the rest

NY Times: Mentors help refugees transition into a new life

Written by Margy Rochlin

OAKLAND, Calif. — Pascal Serugendo was only 7 when he first fled his violence-torn village in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Separated from his family, he followed a group of grown-ups also escaping the deadly war … Read the rest

What first-gen college students want and how mentors can help provide it

trees-17331_1280Written by Emily Deruy, The Atlantic

As policymakers and educators debate how to help high-schoolers from all backgrounds get to and through college, young people’s ideas about the support they need to succeed are sometimes left out of the discussion. … Read the rest

In praise of mentors: Miss Blanchard, Mr. P, and the many caring adults who change our lives

I bid farewell to my dad on a brisk November morning in 1979. After our hugs, I climbed onto my new yellow moped, sped down our steep driveway, and headed toward … Read the rest

Meet Sally Power: Expert on role models in the lives of diverse youth

There are lots of concerns these days about the kind of role models that young people look up to.

Social commentators fear that the youth of today

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Study highlights the benefits of serving as a mentor

  MentorGhosh, R. & Reio, T.G. (2013). Career benefits associated with mentoring for mentors: A meta-analysis. Journal of Vocational Behavior83, 106-116.

Background: Participation in workplace mentoring relationships is associated with a wealth of benefits for mentees. To date, … Read the rest

Five ways to make stronger connections with mentees, backed by research

bigstock-Background-image-with-business-55882391by Jean Rhodes

Care for some direct, research-based ideas for connecting with others?  I’d recommend a book that distills the essential findings of many studies.  Friend and Foe, by Business Professors Adam Galinsky and  Maurice Schweitzer or Columbia and … Read the rest