Mentors Serve as “Facilitators of Change” for Ex-Offenders

Garcia, J. (2015). The Importance of the Mentor–Mentee Relationship in Women’s Desistance From Destructive Behaviors. International journal of offender therapy and comparative criminology, 0306624X14568257. Summary by Justin Preston     INTRODUCTION Desistance, the ongoing process of change in which individuals reduce their involvement in destructive acts, is not a matter of sudden, all-or-nothing transformation that […]

The power of stories in youth mentoring

By Jean Rhodes There’s a familiar pattern to the many mentoring events that I have attended over the years. After the networking, thanks, and announcements, attendees are often introduced to a bright young person and his or her triumphant, odds beating story. Oftentimes, we meet the kind volunteer mentor who, through thick and thin, stayed by the young person’s side. I’m […]

How Mentoring a Refugee Helped My Own Transition

Photo: Bonninstudio Written by Heather Mangan Sarah’s house smells like rice, and there are 10-pound bags of it lying in the corner of this one-bedroom apartment. Instead of a sofa and end tables, there are two beds in the living room. One is alongside the space’s only window, and the other is on the opposite […]

Can you guess who mentored Mark Zuckerberg?

by  Aditya Maheshwari Mentii Apple and Facebook have been known to butt heads at the negotiation table but that never stopped Apple co-founder Steve Jobs from dispensing some sage advice to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Steve Jobs and Zuckerberg developed a relationship in the early days of Facebook; The New York Times reported them often […]

Top 25 Mentoring Relationships in History

Jennifer Merrill, MENTOR Marketing & Communications Manager Behind every successful person, there’s a mentor who helped them along the way. Some of the most influential people in history were encouraged to succeed by some of the most well-known people of our time. To help celebrate MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership’s 25th Anniversary and 25 years of […]

Shaquille O’Neil pays tribute to “the reason I have become the man I am”

To My brother’s keeper, Uncle Mike by Shaquille O’Neil There are some people that we are just meant to experience life with. When those people happen to be in your family, the world can seem a lot less scary. With these mentors in our corner, we are raised with the determination and confidence to realize […]

#Thankyourmentor: NBC Anchor thanks her mentor

  In this series, professionals thank those who helped them reach where they are today. Read the posts here, then write your own. Use #ThankYourMentor and @mention your mentor when sharing. Dylan Dreyer:  I never knew I needed one so I never searched one out, but when you find a mentor it will change your […]

On Mentoring and Perennials

By Jean Rhodes and Belle Liang. Spring is in the air in Boston and the flowers are finally beginning to bloom, so it seems like as good a time as any to share with you a commentary on mentoring that draws inspiration from gardening. It’s an updated version of a column that was written with […]

Laughter can encourage self-disclosure and closeness with mentees

by Jeremy Dean Laughter encourages people to open up and this is the secret to how to make friends, a new study finds. People in the study were more likely to disclose something personal about themselves after laughing together, although they didn’t realise it. Self-disclosure is usually critical to how to make friends, as the study’s […]