MENTOR portal lets youth organizations go virtual, shift mentoring online

By Stell Simonton, Youth Today Social distancing has disrupted social services of all kinds, but nowhere are the changes felt more strongly than in youth organizations that offer one-on-one mentoring. “Rule No. 1 in mentoring is: Do not abruptly break the relationship,” said Kate Schrauth, executive director of iCouldBe, a nonprofit that offers virtual mentoring. But how […]

Adolescents’ perception of mentor alliance and sense of belonging in a site-based mentoring program

Kazlauskaite, V., Braughton, J. E., Weiler, L. M., Haddock, S., Henry, K. L., & Lucas-Thompson, R. (2020). Adolescents’ Experiences of Mentor Alliance and Sense of Belonging in a Site-based Mentoring Intervention. Children and Youth Services Review, 105040. Summarized by Ariel Ervin Notes of Interest:  Although evidence suggests that approximately half of American mentoring programs have site-based […]

Staying physically healthy & active during COVID-19

By Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Boys & Girls Club of America With many gyms, parks and recreation centers closed, we know it may be difficult to keep kids physically active while the nation works to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Regular physical activity is important for both our physical and mental well-being. […]

Measuring youth outcomes from a place of strength

By Katy White, Youth Collaboratory For over 100 years, the youth development field has predominantly taken a deficit-based approach to youth services. Addressing this period of “storm and stress” in adolescent development by focusing on the things we want to avoid. That’s how we come to have programs and approaches that are focused on things […]

Why are many formal mentoring relationships ending prematurely?

Spencer, R., Gowdy, G., Drew, A.L., McCormick, M.J., & Keller, T.E.. (2020). “It Takes a Village to Break Up a Match: A Systemic Analysis of Formal Youth Mentoring Relationship Endings.” Child & Youth Care Forum 49(1): 97–120. Summarized by Ariel Ervin Notes of Interest: Many mentoring relationships end prematurely within formal programs This can lead to ineffective […]

Emotional health check-ins during COVID-19

By Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Boys & Girls Club of America The top priority of the whole country right now is to stay healthy. And while we recognize that right now physical health is the biggest focus, kid’s emotional health is just as important. Try to incorporate emotional check-ins into your daily schedule […]

Youth with disabilities find positivity during COVID-19 pandemic

By Deandra Mouzon, Youth Today Amid all the worrying and doubt about the coronavirus, young people with disabilities are finding ways to stay positive. Staying at home does limit activities for everyone, but I have found that people with disabilities, both youth and adults, are finding creative ways to spend their time. Whether it is […]

Online educational resources for parents during COVID-19

By Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Boys & Girls Club of America In a few short weeks, our lives have changed dramatically due to the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. To help navigate this new normal, Boys & Girls Clubs of America is sharing free, online resources to help them manage their child(ren)’s virtual […]

The impact of digital mentoring platforms on multicultural mentoring

Radlick, R. L., Mirkovic, J., Przedpelska, S., Halvorsen Brendmo, E., & Gammon, D. (2020). Experiences and Needs of Multicultural Youth and Their Mentors, and Implications for Digital Mentoring Platforms: Qualitative Exploratory Study. JMIR Formative Research, 4(2). Summarized by Ariel Ervin Notes of Interest:  Immigrant youths living in Norway have a greater risk of dropping […]