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The messenger matters: New research shows peers better than teachers at academic motivation

Posted by Andy Henion

“Why do I have to learn this?” is a common question among young adults. New research suggests an answer from their peers has more weight than one from their teachers.

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New Research investigates impacts of vocational peer mentors on emerging adults with mental illness

Klodnick, V. V., Sabrella, K., Brenner, C. J., Krzos, I. M., Ellison, M. L., Kaiser, S. M., Davis, M. & Fagan, M. A. (2015). Perspectives of young emerging adults with serious mental health conditions on vocational peer mentors. Journal of Read the rest

Good news!: The “Elements” lead to effective practice

by Jean Rhodes

If you haven’t been using MENTOR’s Elements of Effective Practice (EEPM) you’re missing a golden opportunity to improve relationship length and strength. Of course, many mentoring practitioners know the EEPM well—in fact some have even witnessed its … Read the rest

Profiles in Mentoring: A conversation with Jean Rhodes and Audrey Wittrup

Written by Justin Preston

The following is an excerpted conversation held with Jean Rhodes, Ph.D., and her daughter, Audrey Wittrup, M.A.. Jean is the Frank L. Boyden Professor of Psychology at UMass Boston and Director of the Center for Evidence-Based Read the rest

New research observes combination of peer youth mentoring and multimedia

Bowers, E. P., Hilliard, L. J., Batanova, M., Stacey, D. C., Tirrell, J. M., Wartella, K., & Lerner, R. M. (2016). The Arthur Interactive Media Study: Initial findings from a cross-age peer mentoring and digital media-based character development program. Journal Read the rest

New research finds that cross-race mentoring relationships associated with reductions in perceived racism

Liao, L. C. & Sanchez, B. (2015). An exploratory study of the role of mentoring in the acculturation of Latino/a youth. Journal of Community Psychology, 43(7), 868-877. doi: 10.1002/jcop.21717

Summarized by Jessica Cunningham


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Being kind serves to elevate your own well-being

Written by Douglas LaBier and originally posted on the Huffington Post

I came across this small but useful study from Oxford researchers, and it caught my attention because it’s one more bit of evidence of our underlying interconnectedness. It … Read the rest

New research investigates long-term impacts of natural mentors

architecture-1851496_1280Miranda-Chan, T., Fruiht, V., Dubon, V., & Wray-Lake, L. (2016). The functions and longitudinal outcomes of adolescents’ naturally occurring mentorships. American Journal of Community Psychology, 57, 47-59.

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New research studies reasons for early termination of mentoring relationships

travel-1756150_1280Spencer, R., Basualdo-Delmonico, A., Walsh, J., & Drew, A. (2014). Breaking up is hard to do: A qualitative interview study of how and why youth mentoring relationships end. Youth & Society, 1-23.

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Mentors can be helpful during college transition period for young adults, research shows

classroom-1699745_1280Hurd, N. M.,  Tan, J., Loeb, E. L. (2016). Natural mentoring relationships and the adjustment to college among underrepresented students. American Journal of Community Psychology.

Summarized by Matthew Hagler




Compared to their more privileged counterparts, college … Read the rest