Explaining terror to children and adolescents

by Jean Rhodes, Ph.D. The attacks in Paris raise difficult questions for mentors. Should mentors, teachers, and other caring adults shelter young people from stories and explanations, and shift conversation elsewhere. Although this might be a good idea in some instances, there may be situations when it’s helpful to talk through difficult topics with mentees. Particularly […]

For At-Risk Kids, Mentors Provide Far More Than Just Homework Help

Jennifer Ludden Correspondent, National Desk, NPR When West Baltimore’s Renaissance Academy High School hired four African-American mentors earlier this year, student Jalone Carroll wanted nothing to do with them. He figured they would come “mess everything up, and then dip,” or disappear. “We didn’t know how to take that type, you feel me,” says Carroll. […]

On sparks, purpose, and natural mentors

Reflections on Natural Mentoring Conference by Peter Samuelson, Director, Research & Evaluation, Thrive Foundation If we want to increase the number of caring adults in the lives of youth, where might they be found? In the mentoring field, the metaphor of “fishing” has been used to illustrate mentoring. To increase the presence of caring adults […]

Sherpas, Anchors, and VIPS: Do we need a new term for “natural mentors?”

by Jean Rhodes What do you call a caring adult who helps young people in their everyday lives? This isn’t a riddle, it’s a question that perplexed experts and led to a lot of debate at a recent mini-conference on “natural mentors.” The volunteers who are trained and supported through programs are formal mentors, but the term natural mentor can […]

New study of female college students highlights the benefits of mentoring

McGill, J., Adler-Baeder, F., Sollie, D.L., & Kerpelman, J.L. (2015). Exploring the experiences of female emerging adult mentors: Building a conceptual model. Journal of Adolescent Research, 30(5), 538-564. Background There has been limited research focused on the experiences of the mentor in the mentor-mentee relationship. However, mentors are likely to receive benefits as well from […]

Can you guess who mentored Mark Zuckerberg?

by  Aditya Maheshwari Mentii Apple and Facebook have been known to butt heads at the negotiation table but that never stopped Apple co-founder Steve Jobs from dispensing some sage advice to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Steve Jobs and Zuckerberg developed a relationship in the early days of Facebook; The New York Times reported them often […]

Top 25 Mentoring Relationships in History

Jennifer Merrill, MENTOR Marketing & Communications Manager Behind every successful person, there’s a mentor who helped them along the way. Some of the most influential people in history were encouraged to succeed by some of the most well-known people of our time. To help celebrate MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership’s 25th Anniversary and 25 years of […]

Mentors: The Real Disruptive Innovation in Education

by Brandon Busteed Story Highlights Feeling supported in college helps grads in their careers Technology is significant, but human fundamentals matter too Effective mentoring is critical to a graduate’s success Students Need Support — and Experiential and Deep Learning Gallup — in partnership with Purdue University — recently completed a representative study of college graduates, […]

It’s all about me! How narcissism affects mentoring relationships

Allen, T. D., Johnson, H., Rodopman, O. B., Ottinot, R. C., & Biga, A. (2009). Mentoring and protégé narcissistic entitlement. Journal of Career Development, 35, 385-405 Problem There has been relatively little research incorporating personality into the study of mentoring. Yet because personality characteristics influence individual behavior, as well as interpersonal interactions, they likely play a role in […]

Marty Martinez’ Top Mentoring Moments

by Marty Martinez Throughout my life, I’ve been lucky enough to have had mentors in my life as well as to be a mentor to others.  I’d like to share some of these relationships in my Top Ten Mentoring Moments!  Mentoring Moment #10 At 14 years of age, my mother had me involved in Latino youth leadership programs. She believed, […]