Mentoring gives a second chance to college students with mental health struggles

Written by Megan Thielking, Evan Jones was excited when he signed up for a contemporary art class at community college. Then the professor announced the course would focus heavily on class participation. “That was the first class that I dropped,” he said. Jones’s persistent, severe anxiety has shadowed him for years. He’s struggled to […]

Mentors can help their mentees get the most out of the movies they watch

Posted by Katie Bohn, Children can benefit from both the positive and negative themes of a movie by watching and discussing the film with a parent or other adult, research shows. Researchers analyzed popular children’s movies and ranked their most common positive and negative themes. While the most common positive theme was the importance […]

New review of E-mentoring research from NMRC

Written by Justin Preston Just last month, the National Mentoring Resource Center (NMRC) released a review of the latest research on electronic mentoring, or e-mentoring. The report, written by Michelle Kaufman of Johns Hopkins University, is organized around four distinct questions related to e-mentoring: What is the documented effectiveness of this approach to mentoring? What […]

Reliance on “gut instinct” can be a potential pitfall for mentors, new research shows

Posted by Jeff Sossamon, Going with your intuition could make you judge others’ moral transgressions more harshly and keep you from changing your mind, even after considering all the facts, a new study suggests. The findings show that people who strongly rely on intuition automatically condemn actions they perceive to be morally wrong, even […]

A mentor at every stage: What Kobe Bryant learned from composer John Williams

Written by Rina Raphael, Fast Company In 1998, a teenage Kobe Bryant was lifting weights in Gold’s Gym in Venice, Calif. when his phone rang. He answered his brick-sized Nextel phone to hear a shocking statement on the other line: “This is Michael Jackson.” “Get the f** out of here,” Bryant recalled answering. “What the […]

How to mentor a narcissist: Six strategies for working with difficult mentees

Editor’s note: Surprisingly few studies have looked at how personality characteristics and disorders affect mentoring relationships. This is unfortunate, given how influential a young person’s personality can be in shaping interactions and outcomes (Turban & Lee, 2007).   In fact, a recently highlighted study, showed that relationships involving mentees with higher narcissism were shorter in duration than […]

New research shows that volunteering can help keep older adults’ minds sharp

Posted by Sheena Rice, Volunteering may improve cognitive function of older adults, especially for women and those with lower levels of education. While the links of volunteering to physical health are well known, its associations with mental functioning are less clear. “Cognitive functions, such as memory, working memory, and processing are essential for living […]

Mentoring in the News: Focus on the relationship in after-school programs

Written by Nancy Deutsch, University of Virginia Curry School of Education When the bell rings at the end of the school day, students run from the classroom to a host of different activities. Some will work with adults to build on the lessons they learned in the classroom. Others will join a sports team, orchestra […]

Facebook is testing a feature for mentorships between users

by Ingrid Lunden (@ingridlunden) Next Story Earlier this year, Facebook signaled a plan to move into LinkedIn’s territory with the launch of job advertising. Now it appears to be taking another step to help develop the professional you. TechCrunch has learned that Facebook is testing a way to use its social network to link up users who are looking for […]

New research examines long-term benefits of intensive mentoring for at-risk youth

Eddy, J. M., Martinez, C. R., Grossman, J. B., Cearley, J. J., Herrera, D., Wheeler, A. C., … & Harachi, T. W. (2017). A Randomized Controlled Trial of a Long-Term Professional Mentoring Program for Children at Risk: Outcomes Across the First 5 Years. Prevention Science, 1-12. Summarized by Rachel Rubin Background: Although parents and other close […]