The Boys & Girls Club: What effect does an enhanced mentoring model have on youth outcomes?

McGarrie, L., Napierala, E., Oliver, C., Heberlein, E., Taylor, B. J., & Snyder, A. (2022). An enhanced mentoring model’s impact on youth in Boys and Girls Clubs. Journal of Youth Development, 17(3), 105–117. Summarized by Ariel Ervin Notes of Interest:  Although the U.S. Department of Justice Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) […]

Lessons learned from a cultural humility training program for adult mentors.

Anderson, A. J., Riordan, A., Smith, L., Hillard, B., & Sánchez, B. (2022). Cultural humility training for mentors: Lessons learned and implications for youth programs. Journal of Youth Development, 17(3), 21–38. Summarized by Ariel Ervin Notes of Interest:  Research-to-practice partnerships (RPP) are a way for researchers and mentoring practitioners to approach problems within the youth […]

[Webinar] Mentoring in Europe: Building a society of engagement to reduce social inequalities

Date: October 25, 16:00 – 18:00 CEST Mentoring in Europe: building a society of engagement to reduce social inequalities is the first mentoring event in the European Union, where the field of European Mentoring can connect with members of the European Parliament. Members of the European Parliament Ilana Cicurel and Mentoring Europe will be hosting […]

[Webinar] The 13th Annual National Mentoring Summit

Date: January 25 – 27, 2023 Join the 13th Annual National Mentoring Summit, convened by MENTOR, to learn about how we can bolster and expand mentoring opportunities from fellow experts in the mentoring field. This event will be in-person with a virtual component. COVID-19 updates will be closely monitored. Click here to see the original […]

The Mentoring Effect: Indigenous Youth

By MENTOR Canada Mentor Canada’s Mapping the Mentoring Gap is the first study to provide a detailed portrait of young people’s mentoring experiences across Canada. In the winter of 2020, Mentor Canada surveyed 2,838 young adults and interviewed 19 young adults between the ages of 18 to 30 to learn more about how mentors supported […]

[CMWS Webinar] Leveraging Assets to Address Resource Gaps in Rural Mentoring

Date: [UPDATED] Postponed, new date coming soon! Although 18% of American youth (13.4 million) live in rural communities, only 10% of U.S. mentoring programs are located within their areas. Join this CMWS webinar to learn about the creative strategies the panel members have used and the innovative partnerships they have created. To register for the […]

Microcredentials and mentoring: How universities can boost student employability

By Ann-Louise Davidson, YouthREX The looming recession climate is causing concerns over skyrocketing student debt. On top of a deeply unaffordable housing market, these factors call for universities to be more relevant in terms of preparing students for employability. This is a break with the traditional mission of the universities. Economist George Fallis, professor emeritus […]

New study examines effects of cross-age mentoring on mentors of color from low-income, urban communities

Quimby, D., Richards, M., Onyeka, O. “Cynthia,” Miller, K., Tyson-McCrea, K., Smith, Z., & Denton, D. (2022). The effects of cross-age peer mentoring on adolescent mentors of color residing in low income, urban communities. Youth & Society. Summarized by Ariel Ervin Notes of Interest:  Evidence indicates that cross-age peer mentoring can benefit adolescent mentors. Given that […]

“It Makes You Feel Good to Help!”: An Exploratory Study of the Experience of Peer Mentoring in Long-Term Care

Theurer, K. A., Stone, R. I., Suto, M. J., Timonen, V., Brown, S. G., & Mortenson, W. B. (2022). “It makes you feel good to help!”: An exploratory study of the experience of peer mentoring in long-term care. Canadian Journal on Aging / La Revue Canadienne Du Vieillissement, 41(3), 451–459. Summarized by Ariel Ervin Notes of Interest:  […]

ArtSmart investigates the effectiveness of a school-based arts mentorship intervention on students’ learning outcomes

By ArtSmart Overview: ArtSmart launched the two-year study, led by Evan Linett and reviewed by WCG Institutional Review Board. The value of arts education for youth is often self-evident to advocates and practitioners. However, finding empirical evidence to support such claims is limited, and can be costly for organizations like ArtSmart, a 501(c)3 non-profit that […]