How Does Mentoring Benefit Youth? Let’s Count the Ways

by David DuBois One of the most common frustrations I have heard voiced by folks in practice and advocacy roles within our field is that the measures used in evaluations of programs do not seem adequate to the task of capturing the benefits that high-quality mentoring can offer to young people. It is tempting for […]

Exploring a mentoring program for Latino college freshmen

  Phinney, J. S., Campos, T., Cidhinnia, M., Padilla Kallemeyn, D. M., & Kim, C. (2011). Processes and outcomes of a mentoring program for Latino college freshmen. Journal of Social Issues, 67(3), 599-621. Background Latino youth and young adults are the largest and fastest-growing racial/ethnic population in the United States, but Latino students have lower levels of […]

Podcast describes an online mentoring program for aspiring composers Vt. Students Learn Music Composition Through Mentoring Program Thursday, 01/03/13 4:50pm LISTEN (5:18) MP3 | Download MP3 Neal Charnoff  (reprinted from VPR) Music composition is alive and well in Vermont schools, thanks to an online mentoring program. Music-COMP is a non-profit service which brings together music teachers and professional mentors to insure that composition […]