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Springtime in Paris: Reflections on the forthcoming European Mentoring Summit

By Jean Rhodes The U.S. continues to account for most formal mentoring, but many new programs, networks, and summits have emerged across the globe in recent years. This includes the European Mentoring Summit at the Sorbonne University in Paris later this month. The event is hosted by the Collectif Mentorat, a federation of over 70 […]

Program evaluation is critical to determine whether children’s needs are adequately addressed

Axford, A., Bjornstad, G., Matthews, J., Whybra, L., Berry, V., Ukoumunne, O. C., Hobbs, T., Wrigley, Z., Brook, L., … & Warner, G. (2020). The effectiveness of a community-based mentoring program for children aged 5–11 years: Results from a randomized controlled trial. Prevention Science. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11121-020-01132-4 Summarized by Monica Arkin Notes of Interest: This randomized controlled […]

News Alert: A cautionary result for brief, school-based mentoring programs - The Chronicle of Evidence-Based Mentoring

A cautionary result for brief, school-based mentoring programs

Summarized by Laura Yoviene McQuillin, S., Smith, B., & Strait, G. (2011). Randomized evaluation of a single semester transitional mentoring program for first year middle school students: a cautionary result for brief, school‐based mentoring. Journal of Community Psychology, 39 (7), 844-859. Background: Evaluations of many youth mentoring programs have repeatedly shown beneficial effects for the […]