European Mentoring Summit 2022 Impact Report

Reprinted from Mentoring Europe The impacts of the 2022 European Mentoring summit goes beyond the event itself. Besides regional impacts in Leeuwarden, the outcomes of the summit will have significant international impacts on Europe mentoring field, European civic society and policymaking. To showcase these regional and international impacts, we have released the impacts report of the […]

Position paper: Mentoring in Europe: Towards and inclusive society, connecting cultures and generations

  Reprinted from Mentoring Europe The first ever mentoring event in the European Parliament is now a fact. It was a momentous occasion as European decision makers and the European mentoring field came together to take the first steps in giving mentoring the official recognition that it deserves. The event Mentoring in Europe: building a […]

Improving the Quality of Mentoring Programmes & Recommendations for the European Mentoring Field – Interview with Thomas E. Keller

By Erika Irabor, Reprinted from Mentoring Europe Our European mentoring community is constantly seeking innovation – improvement, and interaction. Therefore, QUALITY in mentoring is like water for flowers – without it, nothing can grow. One way to accomplish that mission is to learn from other mentoring experts. And this also represents the key purpose of […]

PRESENTING: Mentoring Europe

By and reprinted from Mentoring Europe Why are we changing our name? After 5 years of highlighting the field of mentoring in Europe, building a mentoring community and facilitating the sharing of evidence and practices, we are taking the next step for mentoring in Europe. We are consolidating all of our activities and renaming ourselves […]