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A case for the embracing the science of mentoring

 by Jean Rhodes Despite significant strides in establishing the evidence base in the field of mental health, relatively few practitioners ground their work in clinically-proven strategies. Indeed ,there are now proven strategies for treating such problems as anxiety, depression, PTSD, and eating disorders, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) , dialectical behavior therapy, and family-based treatment programs–yet, few […]

We need you!: A Call for Research Participants

Mentoring Central is currently seeking mentees and their parents or guardians to participate in a study to assess the effectiveness of its newly developed web-based training. Research suggests that mentees and their parents (or guardians) need training about the benefits of mentoring for youth and what they can contribute to making the relationship safe, close, […]

Research Underscores Importance of Mentor Training

Martin, S.M., & Sifers, S.K., (2012). An evaluation of factors leading to mentor satisfaction with the mentoring relationship. Children and Youth Services Review,34(5): 940-945. Problem Mentoring relationships seem to be most beneficial when mentors have ongoing support from the matching agency, ongoing training, and confidence in one’s mentoring abilities. The study’s authors investigated whether these […]

Raising the bar: Levering the science of relationships to improve youth outcomes

by Jean Rhodes  This past week, Mentoring Central and Big Brothers Big Sisters announced an important collaboration that is likely to send ripples throughout the entire mentoring community.  BBBSA will adopt a customized version of Mentoring Central’s online mentor training program for use with up to 100,000 mentoring volunteers. The user-friendly course allows for “on-demand” interactive […]