Study of natural mentors highlights importance of relationship quality

Whitney, Hendricker & Offutt (2014). Moderating factors of natural mentoring relationships, problem behaviors, and emotional well-being. Mentoring and Tutoring: Partnership in Learning, 19(1), 83-105. Summarized by Stella Kanchewa, Ph.D. Researcher and practitioners alike have noted that quality mentoring relationships in which there is a sense of trust, mutuality and closeness have the greatest potential to […]

Mentors’ Corner: How much should a mentor disclose?

Editors Note:  In this  feature Gail Manza and Susan Patrick draw from their new book Mentor’s Field Guide, which is framed as a series of 67 answers to the most common questions that arise in youth mentoring. We hope that you will share these links with the mentors in your program.  Question 25. Will talking about […]

Research Corner: Ethical Principles for Youth Mentoring

By Jean Rhodes, Renee Spencer, & Belle Liang The research panel at the National Mentoring Summit in Washington DC was enriched by the 30 minute Q & A session with the more than 100 practitioners in the audience. Several of the questions touched on core ethical issues that sometimes arise in youth mentoring. Ethics have […]