How Formal Mentoring Programs Can Facilitate Natural Mentoring Relationships

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 8.11.58 PMby Sarah Schwartz

 I recently had the privilege of being part of a conversation organized by the Mentoring Partnership of Southwestern Pennsylvania on what mentoring programs can do to facilitate natural mentoring relationships. The conversation was prompted in part by  … Read the rest

FORUM: What is your most effective mentor recruitment message?

wantyouMentoring programs are becoming increasingly sophisticated in how they recruit mentors and the messages they use to get volunteers to take the plunge and formally apply to be a mentor. Large national organizations might hire leading advertising firms to carefully … Read the rest

Wanted: Regular Janes and Joes for Midlands Mentoring Partnership

If Tom Osborne and Kent Pekel were to write a classified ad for mentors, it would probably read something like this:

Wanted: Regular Janes and Joes. Superheros need not apply.

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 6.42.22 PM

Mentoring is one

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Teaching Youth to Recruit Supportive Adults

 Sarah Schwartz - The Chronicles of Evidence-Based Mentoringby Sarah Schwartz

The story of 15-year-old Davion Only has gone viral, following an article published in the Tampa Bay Times about his appeal to a church congregation for an adoptive family (see story here). Davion had been in … Read the rest

Nationwide Effort to Recruit Male Mentors for 12,000 African American Boys

fNationwide Effort to Recruit Male Mentors for 12,000 African American Boys - The Chronicles of Evidence-Based Mentorshiprom PRNewswire

ORLANDO, Fla., Oct. 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — When renowned radio personality Michael Baisden posted “A real man takes care of his kids no matter what the relationship is with the mother of the child,” on his Facebook … Read the rest