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Wanted: Regular Janes and Joes for Midlands Mentoring Partnership

By Nancy Gaarder / World-Herald staff writer If Tom Osborne and Kent Pekel were to write a classified ad for mentors, it would probably read something like this: Wanted: Regular Janes and Joes. Superheros need not apply. Mentoring is one of the best ways to turn around lives, and prospective mentors need not be intimidated, […]

Free Webinar Series! Getting to Ready: Equipping our Youth Leaders

Most youth leaders today find themselves time-challenged to scan or take advantage of the myriad resources made available to them, covering an even greater sea of topics.  Often, the biggest challenge is knowing which resources warrant your time and attention. Today, I’d like to say, “We’ve got one for you!”  Trust me on this one.  […]