Mentors: The Real Disruptive Innovation in Education

by Brandon Busteed Story Highlights Feeling supported in college helps grads in their careers Technology is significant, but human fundamentals matter too Effective mentoring is critical to a graduate’s success Students Need Support — and Experiential and Deep Learning Gallup — in partnership with Purdue University — recently completed a representative study of college graduates, […]

The two most important features of high-quality mentoring programs

Editor’s Note: Here is the second installment of this important report, written by mentoring expert Dr. Carla Herrera, aimed at providing funders with guidance in determining which mentoring programs to support.   Through a series of posts, we present, “Making the Most of Youth Mentoring: A Guide for Funders” Last week, Carla covered the features of quality […]

Back by popular demand: How to win friends and influence mentees

by Jean Rhodes Nearly 80 years after its publication, Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People remains one of the best-selling books of all time (30 million copies!). This led me to wonder whether some of the interpersonal skills that Carnegie highlights might be helpful to the millions of mentors working with today’s youth? The answer is […]

Will I be able to understand my mentee?: Examining the potential risk of the dominant culture mentoring marginalized youth

Editor’s Note This is a very thoughtful piece by Jennifer Lindwall, the Director of Training and Quality Assurance at the Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota since February 2013. The article appeared in a collection, Moving Youth Work Practice Forward:  Reflections on Autonomy and Authority. Jen’s piece touches on some of the thorny issues in youth mentoring that are rarely discussed but […]

The importance of inspiring hope

This month, Amachi Vice President Muna Walker, has shared her own match story and the importance of inspiring “hope” when mentoring.  In December 2004 when Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bucks County matched me with my 14 year-old Little Sister, Desiree, I had no idea it was the beginning of a lifetime friendship.    I had […]

Alice Munro, transference, and mentoring relationships

In the wake of Alice Munro winning the Nobel Prize in Literature, we are re-posting an earlier piece on how her role modeling and kindness affected one young author. This piece also delves into the issue of transference, which we have discussed in previous posts.  by Jean Rhodes Transference is a “a jargony way to […]

Practice Corner: What is the role of natural mentoring?

by Marty Martinez   As an advocate for quality-based mentoring that includes evidence based practices and strategies, I continue to be faced with the question of what role does informal mentoring or natural mentoring relationships have at our table. Time and time again, programs are faced with the need to recruit more caring adults to […]

Using Infographics to Translate Evaluation Evidence: The 2013 BBBS Youth Outcomes Report

by Marc Wheeler & Salem Valentino, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America In these days of information overload it is especially important to find new ways to translate research and evaluation evidence for general audiences.   As many people in the mentoring community know, it’s often difficult to translate findings for the public while remaining true […]

Rising Star: A Conversation with Professor Noelle Hurd - The Chronicle of Evidence-Based Mentoring

★ Rising Star: A conversation with Professor Noelle Hurd

Noelle M. Hurd, PhD, MPH is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Virginia. Over the years, I have been very impressed with Noelle’s scholarship on mentoring. And, this week, we are featuring one of Noelle’s co-authored studies (Hurd, N. M., Sánchez, B., Zimmerman, M. A., & Caldwell, C. H.) on […]