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Ask Not What Your Mentor Can Do for You. . .: The Role of Reciprocal Exchange in Maintaining Student–Teacher Mentorships

Editor’s note: I stumbled across this impressive study and, more generally, the work of rising star, Sherelle Ferguson. Sherelle is a doctoral student in the sociology dept. at the University of Pennsylvania where she has been studying mentoring, social class, and social networks. This study explores the important role that mentees play in maintaining relationships, […]

Smoothing bumps in the road: Research uses attachment theory to improve mentoring practice

Zilberstein, K. & Spencer, R. (2017). Breaking bad: An attachment perspective on youth mentoring relationship closures. Child & Family Social Work, 22(1), 67-76. doi:10.1111/cfs.12197 Summarized by Justin Preston   In a recent republication, the journal Child & Family Social Work highlighted an article with some useful lessons for mentoring programs looking to find ways of […]

Stay Attuned: Mentorship can Bridge the Nation’s Divides

by Julia Pryce The slogan, “America First,” championed by President Donald Trump and echoed in many of his administration’s recent policies, is an inherently divisive statement. It infers the exceptionality of Americans above and beyond citizens of the rest of the world. It energizes a cycle of separation, disconnection, and fear. The Southern Poverty Law […]

It Takes a Community: Nine Principles for Effective Youth Services Organizations

From Peter Samuelson In 2014, the Thrive Foundation searched across the nation for organizations providing services to disadvantaged youth nationwide with a caring adult at the center of their program delivery model and found eight exemplary organizations. Led by Thrive’s Director of Research and Evaluation, Peter Samuelson, Ph.D., the foundation then embarked on an evaluation to […]

On sparks, purpose, and natural mentors

Reflections on Natural Mentoring Conference by Peter Samuelson, Director, Research & Evaluation, Thrive Foundation If we want to increase the number of caring adults in the lives of youth, where might they be found? In the mentoring field, the metaphor of “fishing” has been used to illustrate mentoring. To increase the presence of caring adults […]

Tactful mentors: A mentor is often someone older, but must she also be wiser?  

When I train mentors, especially those with considerable life and work experience, or when I discuss training with mentoring professionals who provide training to such mentors in their programs, I try to make clear my belief that mentors need to know that a youth mentor’s job is not to “talk at” or “inform” the mentee […]

Benefits of Mentoring? It’s a Two-Way Street

By Renée Spencer, Ed.D., LICSW We often talk about what mentoring offers to young people today – how it can promote their development and improve their academic, social and emotional functioning. Increasingly, there is interest in how mentoring can also benefit mentors. Marc Freedman, in his prescient book, The Kindness of Strangers, described mentoring as […]

How “mind mapping” can help mentors and mentees find activities

By Shawn Mintz (from MentorCity) Brainstorm possibilities on how you can achieve your goals and create action-oriented plans. Sometimes when you are in a mentoring relationship, you get stuck on what else you can do together. There are several activities that you can do to figure out your next steps, but let’s talk about one […]

It Takes a Mentor

 Thomas L. Friedman, posted in the New York Times With millions of students returning to school — both K-12 and college — this is a good time to review the intriguing results of some research that Gallup did over the past year, exploring the linkages between education and long-term success in the workplace. That is: […]

Mentors as Shepherds

by Tim Cavell, Ph.D. Nearly 15 years ago, I submitted a grant proposal for a mentoring study that wasn’t funded. Soon after, I switched faculty positions and the idea behind the study was set aside. These days I think a lot about that idea and its approach to mentoring. The idea was this: Youth at […]