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New research examines long-term benefits of intensive mentoring for at-risk youth

Eddy, J. M., Martinez, C. R., Grossman, J. B., Cearley, J. J., Herrera, D., Wheeler, A. C., … & Harachi, T. W. (2017). A Randomized Controlled Trial of a Long-Term Professional Mentoring Program for Children at Risk: Outcomes Across the First 5 Years. Prevention Science, 1-12. Summarized by Rachel Rubin Background: Although parents and other close […]

Why don’t you like me? A Longitudinal Study of the Development of Antipathy in Early Adolescence

Journal of Research on Adolescence: Special Issue on Network and Behavioral Dynamics in Adolescence: DOI: 10.1111/jora.12048 Submitted to SRA by Anne Perdue on Fri, 11/08/2013 – 16:41 By Margarita Azmitia Considerable theory and research has addressed friendships, romantic, and bully-victim relationships in adolescence. Although they are common in adolescents’ experiences, less attention has been paid to […]