Here’s How 8-year-olds Around The World Feel About Their Lives

UNIVERSITY OF YORK Posted by David Garner-York on February 17, 2016 A new study of 8-year-old children in 16 countries shows that most are happy with lives—but some, most notably in Ethiopia, South Korea, and England—report having low self-esteem. The Children’s Worlds study, coordinated in England by the Social Policy Research Unit (SPRU) at the […]

Roundtable: How Does Poverty Affect the Brain?

By Princess Ojiaku | October 23, 2015 Scientific American Blog Growing up in poverty can hinder childhood achievement and affect life trajectory. Researchers in fields, such as economics and social sciences, have extensively documented these differences, but can neuroscientists develop a more complete understanding of poverty’s reach by studying the brains of infants and young […]