New study explores the mentoring in youth transitioning out of foster care

Munson, M.R., Brown, S., Spencer, R., Edguer, M., & Tracy, E. (2015). Supportive relationships among former system youth with mental health challenges. Journal of Adolescent Research, 30(4), 501-529. Background “Former system youth,” or young adults transitioning out of foster care, mental health, child welfare, and juvenile systems, experience poorer documented outcomes in domains of education, […]

Methods Corner: Let’s talk about reliability and validity

by Adar Ben-Eliyahu, Ph.D. In evaluations of mentoring programs, we select questionnaires that we think measure various outcomes. So, for example, if we think that mentoring will improve self-esteem, we might give a questionnaire that asks mentees how good they feel about themselves. In contrast to something like height or speed, self-esteem can’t be seen. […]