What affects mentoring relationships within Black families? New study has answers

Billingsley, J. T., Rivens, A. J., & Hurd, N. M. (2020). Familial Interdependence, Socioeconomic  Disadvantage, and the Formation of Familial Mentoring Relationships Within Black Families. Journal of Adolescent Research, 0743558420979127. Summarized by Ariel Ervin Notes of Interest:  Research has shown that natural mentoring can have a positive effect on Black youth’s socioemotional development & academic […]

Generational Warfare Is a Media Myth: Seniors and Kids Need Each

 By Michael D. Eisner and Marc Freeman (Reprinted from the Huffington Post) A public school in a gritty, industrial city, with most of its students growing up in poverty, but with scores near the top of educational performance charts for charter schools in the state of Ohio. What’s the secret of its success? Surprisingly, it […]