Mentoring capitalizes on on our best evolutionary tendencies to combat loneliness: New research

Posted by Steve Koppes New research has shown that reducing loneliness through meaningful connections can foster less self-centered, more pro-social behaviors, a finding that highlights the important role mentoring can play in reducing loneliness. The findings also suggest a positive feedback loop between the two traits: As increased loneliness heightens self-centeredness, the latter then contributes further […]

New research on mentoring LGBT youth of color and transgender youth

Poteat, V. P. & Scheer, J. R. (2016). GSA advisors’ self-efficacy related to LGBT youth of color and transgender youth. Journal of LGBT Youth, 13(4), 311-325. doi: 10.1080/19361653.2016.1185757 Summarized by Jessica Cunningham   Background: LGBTQ youth are frequently victimized in schools at rates that are much higher than those of their heterosexual and/or cisgender peers […]

Making the case for mentors in helping veterans translate their skills to civilian life

Written by Julie Silard Kantor, President & CEO, Twomentor, LLC At Twomentor, we like to share bi-weekly thought leadership from phenomenal executives and social entrepreneurs focused on: social impact entrepreneurship, mentoring cultures, sponsorship and elevating women & diversity in STEM careers. In an increasingly competitive STEM workforce, did you know that out of 1.4 million […]

New research shows teen dating violence contributes to a cycle of violence later in life

Posted by Lisa Chedekel, Boston University Violence in early dating experiences can contribute to “a cycle of interpersonal violence through adulthood,” experts warn. For a new study, researchers analyzed data from a nationally representative sample of US high school and middle school students, ages 12 to 17, who were followed into adulthood 5 and 12 […]

Activity tied to greater happiness: Implications for mentoring relationships

By Gretchen Reynolds, New York Times When people get up and move, even a little, they tend to be happier than when they are still, according to an interesting new study that used cellphone data to track activities and moods. In general, the researchers found, people who move are more content than people who sit. […]

New research explores impacts of inconsistent support on youth transitions

Fitzpatrick, J. P. (2015). Supporting young people in transition: Findings from a research study in Scotland. Relational Child & Youth Care Practice, 28(1), 31-36.   Summarized by Jessica Cunningham   Background: Children who are involved with social support services (i.e. the Department of Youth and Families in the United States) are vulnerable because they often […]

APA’s new survey on stress and technology use has implications for mentoring

Written by Justin Preston Last week the American Psychological Association (APA) released the second part of their findings from their 1oth annual Stress in America survey. While the first part of the findings dealt with changing national politics, the economy, and other topics (see below for a link to the report on these findings), we […]

New research demonstrates connection between mentoring benefits and relationship stage

DeWit, D., DuBois, D., Erdem, G., Larose, S. & Lipman, E. (2016). The role of program-supported relationships in promoting youth mental health, behavioral and developmental outcomes. Prevention Science, 17, 646-657. DOI 10.1007/s11121-016-0663-2 Summarized by Justin Preston   Introduction Recent meta-analyses of mentoring research have found that youth paired with a caring, non-parental adult experience a […]

Mindfulness can make mentees more receptive to health advice

Posted by Ashton Yount on When you hear health messages—such as quit smoking or get more exercise—do you feel motivated or ashamed? A new study suggests how we react may depend on how mindful we are. According to Yoona Kang, a postdoctoral fellow at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania, […]

New Book “Teach to Work” seeks to bridge education-business gap through mentoring

by Patty Alper Mentoring transforms lives. I have learned this firsthand through the eyes of six hundred inner city students I have had the privilege of mentoring over the last fifteen years. In Teach to Work, I will show how you can improve the lives of high school, community college, or university students, while simultaneously […]