Mentoring in the age of inequality

by Jean Rhodes

For the past year, I’ve been writing a book on mentoring and, as I pull together the many threads of history, social policy, and research, an interesting picture is emerging. One that raises uncomfortable questions about mentoring … Read the rest

Can a book replace face-to-face mentoring?

Written by Justin Preston

In a recent post, Jesse Wisnewski stated the claim that, for those having trouble finding an in-person mentor, learning from the books teaching the lessons of history can be a useful supplement. To be clear, … Read the rest

New research outlines 9 steps in using mentoring to boost physical activity in youth

Smith, L. & Petosa, R. (2016). A structured peer-mentoring method for physical activity behavior change among adolescents. The Journal of the School of Nursing, 32(5), 315-323.

Summarized by Justin Preston

As the winter months roll in, a time typically … Read the rest

New research identifies links between mentee strain and mentors’ response strategies

Wesely, J., Dzoba, N., Miller, H. & Rasche, C. (2016). Mentoring at-risk youth: An examination of strain and mentor response strategies. American Journal of Criminal Justice. DOI:10.1007/s12103-016-9353-7

Summarized by Justin Preston



Mentoring, in its various forms, has long been … Read the rest

The story of the Navy’s first African American aviator is a story of mentoring, too

Written by Justin Preston

With the passing of Medal of Honor recipient Thomas J. Hudner, Jr., CNN has posted a wonderful story (Note: some language used in the article may be offensive to readers) on Hudner’s relationship with … Read the rest

New research investigates empathy and ethnic identity in mentoring for minority girls

Peifer, J. S., Lawrence, E. C., Williams, J. L., & Leyton-Armakan, J. (2016). The culture of mentoring: Ethnocultural empathy and ethnic identity in mentoring for minority girls. Cultural Diversity And Ethnic Minority Psychology, 22(3), 440-446. doi:10.1037/cdp0000078

Summarized by Bri Read the rest

Personalized learning in schools has implications for mentoring programs too

By Emily Berman, for the Huffington Post

Tara’s eyes lit up in a way I had not seen before. I could almost hear what she was thinking: “Felicia is amazing.” Felicia, a local organizer for the NAACP, had just given … Read the rest

Facing challenges, mentees can develop strengths too!

Posted by University of Arizona

Children who grow up in high-stress environments may be at higher risk for learning or behavioral trouble, but new research suggests that their skills warrant more attention.

Stress-adapted youth may possess traits—such as heightened vigilance, … Read the rest

Mentoring for youth and YA during reentry from confinement: A review of the research

Written by Justin Preston

As part of an ongoing series, MENTOR’s National Mentoring Resource Center (NMRC) asks prominent researchers to extensively review the existing literature in a specific area of mentoring in order to draw conclusions on what works and … Read the rest