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Speaking Exchange: Mentoring across continents

Speaking Exchange: Mentoring across continents The Speaking Exchange connects Brazilian youth with US seniors, facilitating one-to-one online video chats that help build language skills for foreign students and interpersonal connections for the senior mentors. Could we replicate this kind of mentoring across the US? By Lisa Suhay, Correspondent / May 19, 2014, The Christian Science Monitor CNA […]

iMentor in the news!

ENTREPRENEURS | 5/02/2013 @ 11:17AM |2,773 views Mentoring: A Commitment To The Next Generation Reprinted from FORBES Ashoka, Contributor Morgan Stanley CIO Steve Sparkes makes a case for how mentoring can ensure more students graduate high school and succeed in college. (Photo: iMentor) A college education is key to finding a job and building a successful […]